This includes the gamut of advertising including print, electronic (TV and radio), internet and so on.


When it comes to PR, we have human resources and infrastructure. We offer communications strategy, media relations, corporate communications, brand communications, event management, sponsorships, and more.

Outdoor Solutions

Speaking of outdoors, we offer solutions throughout. The strengths and capabilities developed over the years have provided us with knowledge and capacity unsurpassed. We have offices and seasoned outdoor consultants to give clients the very best. Our services include total design packages, design and production of outdoor displays, media planning and placement, site management and maintenance systems.

Strategic Direct Marketing

We offer one-to-one communications focused on providing strategic direct marketing insight to marketers. Particularly, marketers building relationships with customers which become an important goal for the survival and growth of organizations.

Corporate AD Films

We endeavour to produce quality software and ad films, keeping the viewers'/clients' needs and choices in mind. We produce ad films, corporate and audio-visual presentation films and so on. The division is manned by people with vast experience in understanding consumer psyche and exposure to TV and ad films.